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Measuring And Sending Temperature

Flexible in use, different lengths of measuring cables (3-wire technology) are available: 4, 6, 15 and 27 metres. Further cable lengths are available on demand.
Sensor technology: PT100 platinum resistance thermometer (industrial standard)
Accuracy of measurement: +/- 0,5 °C
Adjustable measurement interval (via GSM-box), time slot in seconds (at least 30 sec.)
Adjustable power saving mode after “x” unconfirmed messages to the GSM-box
Radio range within buildings approx. 50 m, depending on the structure of the building
GSM-box: data backup via SD card exists
Power supply of the sensors by lithium batteries (2 x AA)
Long measurement intervals are possible by short active measurement phases (typically 5 sec.), otherwise saving mode
Measurement range of 0 °C – 200 °C (limited by the constitution of the cable)


The GSM-box is necessary to receive the data of the respective sending unit and transfers the data to the service provider/PCO. A GSM-modem is integrated (SIM-card). The data card is provided by the customer. A connection via WLAN is planned in future. Power supply 230 V. Data backup via SD-card available. Please find the technical details under


If the transmission of the data doesn’t work due to the distance between sending unit and GSM-box, then a repeater has to be interconnected. The repeater receives the signals of the sending units, amplifies and transfers them to the GSM-box. If necessary, several repeaters (any number) can be connected in series. The needed socket for the repeater can be continued to use, as it has a built-in socket. Outdoor repeaters are available in protection class IP67. Please find the technical details under


For an easy and mobile monitoring and documentation of the temperature progress during a pest control heat treatment. The basis of this development is the proven technology of HYGiTEC® Permanent-Monitoring. The temperature progression is recorded permanently by sensors and a small GSM-box. These data are then available by both, mobile (smartphone, tablet PC, etc.) and stationary (office). And everything is completely documented. This system can also be implemented in HYGiTEC®. The whole system is flexible in use. And not only for thermal treatments – also usable wherever a complete documentation of the temperature progress is necessary (for example cold chains, cold stores and warehouses, potato storages, etc. )